Satish Bhaker

Founder & CEO

Meet Satish Bhaker, the visionary Director and Founder of Sun Photonics. A distinguished alumnus of IIT Delhi, Satish is a seasoned professional in the realm of Renewable Energy, specializing in Solar PV System Engineering, Project Management, and Execution. His journey in the solar industry commenced in 2008 with the solar arm of Videocon Industries Ltd, marking the beginning of a dedicated career. With an impressive track record, Satish has led the development and execution of 100 Mega Watts Solar PV Power Projects, navigating the complexities of JNNSM and state policies in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, and Haryana. Satish’s exceptional vision and emphasis on industry purpose have profoundly shaped Sun Photonics, inspiring innovative solutions to intricate problems.


Sun Photonics, which Satish Bhaker founded in 2013, carries on a tradition of excellence in solar power projects. The company has prospered under Satish’s skillful guidance, providing creative solutions and carrying out solar projects with exacting precision. Thanks to Satish’s extensive experience and dedication, Sun Photonics has established itself as a major participant in the renewable energy industry. Satish’s visionary leadership has been demonstrated by the company’s journey, which has included the development and implementation of significant solar capacity under a variety of state regulations. His ideas keep the business moving in the direction of greater opportunities while encouraging an innovative and resilient culture that can meet difficult problems head-on. Under the direction of Satish Bhakar, Sun Photonics continues to lead the way in developing cutting-edge solar technologies, making a substantial contribution to a sustainable future.

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Dr Sujata Bhaker

Co -Founder & Director

Welcome to Sun Photonics, led by the dynamic Dr. Sujata Bhaker. An IIT Bombay alumna and TERI doctorate, she boasts a decade of expertise spanning Environmental Impact Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Health & Safety, and Solar Power Project Management. With a sharp focus on sustainability, Sujata crafts Environment Impact Assessment reports, navigating state policies seamlessly. She excels in client interactions, fostering relations, and addressing environmental policy and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) challenges. Leading the purchase department, Sujata ensures efficient site procurement, showcasing her prowess in operations and finance. Passionate about renewables, her extensive work in off-grid solar markets positions her as a stalwart in the industry.


Founded in 2013 by Dr. Sujata Bhaker, Sun Photonics has emerged as a powerhouse in solar power projects under her visionary leadership. Leveraging a decade of diverse experience, Sujata has steered the company to the forefront of solar innovation. With expertise in residential, commercial, and large-scale solar installations, Sun Photonics is committed to sustainable energy solutions. Sujata’s adept preparation of Environment Impact Assessment reports aligns projects with varying state policies, underscoring Sun Photonics’ commitment to environmental compliance. Her hands-on approach in client consultations and strategic procurement management solidifies the company’s reputation for excellence. Sun Photonics, guided by Dr. Sujata Bhaker, continues to be an influential player in the renewables industry, shaping a cleaner, brighter future.

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Sun Photonics founder, Dr. Bhakar,

Inspired IIT Delhi students & diplomats with a “Solar Energy for a Sustainable Future” lecture.

Sharing career insights, she ignited passion for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

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