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The upfront cost depends on several factors like plant size, technology used, and site requirements. However, with our **Trunkey CAPEX model**, we handle everything from design to installation, ensuring a transparent and cost-effective process. Get a customized quote based on your specific needs.

Under our OPEX model, you don’t need a large upfront investment. We own, operate, and maintain the plant for you, charging a fixed monthly fee per unit of energy generated. This makes solar power more predictable and budget-friendly.

Solar power significantly reduces your carbon footprint, helping combat climate change. Our Environmental Advisory Service can help you quantify these benefits and showcase your commitment to sustainability. 

We offer comprehensive **Operation and Maintenance (O&M)** services to ensure your plant operates optimally. Our experienced technicians handle everything from cleaning and repairs to performance monitoring. We provide transparent O&M costs within your chosen model. **See our O&M service details.**

We understand financing can be a concern. We partner with various financial institutions to offer attractive loan options tailored to your project needs. Learn about your financing options.

Get Answers

Get Every Answers

Our **Energy Storage Solutions** team can recommend the best battery system based on your needs. This allows you to store excess solar energy and use it at night or during peak hours, maximizing your plant’s efficiency. **Explore our storage solutions.**

Our **Project Advisory Services** team can guide you through the entire process, including site selection, permits, and grid interconnection. We have extensive experience navigating regulations and ensuring smooth project execution. **Get expert project guidance.**

The timeline depends on project size and complexity, but typically ranges from 3-6 months for our Trunkey CAPEX model. We provide clear milestones and keep you informed throughout the process. **See our project timeline breakdown.**

Yes, we offer industry-standard warranties on our solar panels and services. We are confident in the quality of our work and stand behind our projects. **View our warranty information.**

Absolutely! We have a portfolio of successful solar projects across various industries. We can share relevant **case studies** and connect you with satisfied clients for firsthand insights. **Browse our industry success stories.**


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