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Operations and Maintenance

Sun Photonics leads the way in Solar Power Plant O&M through our OMETA framework, ensuring optimal Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Training, and Administration.

Operations Excellence​

Effective Administration: Controlled operational activities for peak performance.

Conduct of Operations: Ensuring efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Equipment Status Control: Vigilant monitoring of equipment status.

Operator Knowledge and Performance: Enhancing operator skills for reliability.

Maintenance Mastery​

Streamlined Administration: Controlled maintenance activities for efficiency and performance.

Efficient Work Control System: Safe and reliable plant operation optimization.

Conduct of Maintenance: Safe and efficient maintenance execution.

Preventive Maintenance: Contributing to optimum performance and reliability.

Engineering Support

Effective Organization and Administration: Controlled technical support for efficiency.

Equipment Modifications: Timely and proper equipment design changes.

Procedural Documentation: Providing appropriate direction for safety.

Equipment Performance Monitoring: Optimizing equipment efficiency.

Training Prowess

Equipment Performance Monitoring: Optimizing equipment reliability and efficiency.

General Employee Training: Ensuring personnel understand responsibilities and safe practices.

Effective Training Facilities: Ensuring optimal support for training activities.

Operator and Maintenance Training: Developing skills for assigned job functions.

Administrative Brilliance​

Organizational Control: Establishing effective policies and planning for equipment activities.

Strategic Management Objectives: Formulating and utilizing formal management objectives.

Performance Assessment: Monitoring and assessing station activities for continuous improvement.

Qualified Personnel Planning: Ensuring positions are filled with highly qualified individuals.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance of a solar plant involves regular inspections and upkeep to optimize performance and longevity, ensuring efficient operation and minimizing downtime for maximum energy output.

Determining optimal module cleaning frequency based on site conditions.

Periodic checks for connection reliability

Annual preventative maintenance for visual inspections, cleaning, and diagnostics.

Regular checks and servicing of auxiliary systems, monitoring, and security systems.

Scheduled tasks for preventing shading on modules.

Junction and combiner boxes need regular checks for leaks, dirt, and loose connections.

Unscheduled Maintenance

Unscheduled maintenance of a solar plant involves addressing unexpected failures promptly, focusing on diagnosing issues, swift response, and efficient repairs to minimize downtime and ensure optimal energy production.

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Key Points

Civil Maintenance: Sustaining Infrastructure

Regular cleaning and maintenance of site infrastructure, control rooms, cable trenches, and more.

Warranty and Service Management
and Cordination

Monitoring warranty rights, supporting insurance cases, and coordinating external service providers.

Transmission Line Maintenance: Ensuring Seamless Power Flow

Addressing splices, inductive heating problems, insulators, cracked poles, and weather demage.

Spares Management: Swift Issue Resolution

Maintaining a well-stocked spares inventory includes mounting structure pieces, junction/combiner boxes, fuses, cabling components, communications equipment, modules, inverters, and motors.

AC Systems: Your Solar Plant's Lifeblood

Regular maintenance ensures AC cabling integrity, checks switchgear for disconnection and protection, assesses transformers for tap settings, cooling, losses, and monitors substation equipment.

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