Solar Energy Incentives & Rebates

Solar Energy Incentives & Rebates

Solar Energy is very efficient, green & affordable source as compare to Grid Energy. Adoption of solar power is increasing due to less upfront costs, reduction in the carbon footprint with clean and green source of Energy for the Future. Now, It is the time to join the Solar Revolution and convert Your Industry, Commercial Space and Residential space into Clean, Green and Carbon neutral.


Today, there is need to understand some important points of Solar Energy incentives as mentioned below:

Capital Cost :

Solar power plant capital cost can be recovered within 3-4 years and remaining approx. 22-21 years, you can use zero cost with minimal maintenance.


Deprecation benefits:

If you are using solar for commercial use, then depreciation benefits (1st year 40%, 2nd Year 40%, 3rd Year 20% ) can be taken.


OPEX Model Benefits:

In OPEX model with zero upfront cost, purchaser will get green energy by paying 30-40% less than grid tariffs. It will not only reduces the burden on the power purchaser but also get uninterrupted power supply at fixed rate for next 25 years.


Net Metering:

Net metering policies allow solar energy system owners to receive credit for excess electricity they generate and feed back into the grid. This credit can offset future electricity bills, effectively reducing the cost of electricity consumed from the grid.


Low-Interest Loans:

Some governments and financial institutions offer low-interest loans for financing solar power projects. These loans can help to reduce the financial barrier to adopting solar energy by providing access to affordable financing options.


Schemes and Subsidy:

Government has launched subsidy scheme like PM Surya Ghar Yojana for households, PM Kusum scheme for farmers & Developers. Others Scheme like PM Kusum Component A & C where farmer & developer sale the solar power units to the government directly.


Before you go and install Solar Power System at your premises, It’s important to understand its available models, scheme, subsidy, and government policy. At Sun Photonics, our commitment to customer satisfaction shines as bright as the sun. From initial consultation to the installation and after sale services, We are with You at every step to provide you a reliable, cost effective and high-quality solar services.


Ready to make your business more sustainable? Embrace solar power with Sun Photonics! Our tailored solutions cater to businesses of all sizes.



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