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Welcome to the Future of Sustainable Energy with Sun Photonics OPEX Solar Project Model

In 2019, Sun Photonics revolutionized the solar energy landscape by introducing the OPEX Model, also known as the Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) model. Our commitment to advancing distributed solar solutions in India has led to the establishment of a network of private offsite renewable energy farms across the country, catering to the clean energy needs of large corporations.

Don’t just chase savings, harness the sun’s boundless potential. Partner with Sun Photonics and let the OPEX model propel your business to new heights of sustainable success. Contact us today for a free consultation and bask in the future of energy!

Sun Photonics wasn’t just chasing sunbeams – we were rewriting the rules of energy with our game-changing OPEX solar model. Imagine powering your business with sunshine, paying 30-40% less than grid tariffs, and leaving the headaches to us. That’s the OPEX difference.

Zero upfront investment

Ditch the capex burden and watch your capital flourish elsewhere. We take care of everything – installation, maintenance, the whole solar shebang – for the next 25 years.

Risk-free sunbeams

Rest easy knowing we shoulder all plant performance risks. You just soak up the savings.

Power Purchase Agreement

One simple document, a universe of solar benefits. Sign on and watch your energy bills shrink with every watt.

Double Sunshine & Rewards

Beyond lowering your bills, the OPEX model unlocks a treasure chest of tax and financial incentives, depending on your chosen option. It’s like finding hidden energy nuggets with every flicker of your solar-powered lights.

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Seamless Service

From the first handshake to years of sun-powered bliss, we’re your dedicated guide on the OPEX journey.

100+ MW of Expertise

 We’re not solar newbies, we’re seasoned adventurers navigating the energy landscape for businesses across India.

Solar Superheroes

 From design and installation to meticulous maintenance and optimization, we’ve got every solar superpower covered.

Bespoke Solutions

 We don’t offer one-size-fits-all. We craft solar plans that perfectly align with your unique needs and budget.

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Diverse Power Procurement Models

Sun Photonics offers a spectrum of power procurement models, catering to diverse business needs. From zero upfront investment under the OPEX model to minimum investment in the Group Captive model and up to 100% ownership as a Captive unit, we provide flexibility and choice.

Financial Benefits and Sustainability

Our energy-saving model not only contributes to sustainability but also unlocks potential tax and financial benefits. Depending on the chosen power procurement model, businesses can leverage additional advantages, making the transition to clean energy a strategic and financially prudent decision.


Join Sun Photonics on a journey towards a greener and economically sound future. Explore the possibilities of our OPEX Solar Project Model and experience the transformative power of sustainable energy without compromise.
Satish Bhakar
DIrector Sun Photonics

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