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Ground mount Project

Commercial Solar project

We at Sun Photonics Pvt Ltd are your partners in the transition to cleaner and greener energy way. For our customers who seek to build solar power plants, we provide all kinds of solutions which include the EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) services.

Our group of seasoned solar technology specialists guarantees that every project we take on is completed to the highest standard of accuracy and quality. Whether You’re looking for Solar for Commercial, Industrial, or Residential use, We can customize systems based on Your Needs and Requirements.

EPC Solar is dedicated to helping you save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and find & clean and green source of Energy for the Future. Now, It is the time to join the Solar Revolution and convert Your Industry, Commercial Space and Residential space into Clean, Green and Carbon neutral.

At Sun Photonics, We ensure that you get expert guidance on selecting the right solar system tailored to your unique needs.

Sun photonics provide service in

on grid

off grid


On Grid

solar plant

Best for grid-connected homes/businesses. Generated power feeds directly to the grid, potentially offsetting electricity bills and contributing clean energy.

off Grid

Solar Plant

Ideal for remote locations or unreliable grids. Operates independently using batteries for nighttime/peak power, offering energy security and independence.


Solar Plant

Combines both on-grid and off-grid functions. Stores excess solar energy and provides backup power during outages, offering flexibility and enhanced energy security.

Opex Work

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